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Domestic Compact Sewage Treatment Units


After intensive University researches for global water preservation, BioKube have developed a revolutionary Compact Biological Wastewater Treatment System which saves 100% of the water used in homes.

Through Biological Cultivation (farming) and without chemicals this compact system will treat any wastewater coming from a septic tank. It is designed so that it employs natural principles for treating the wastewater. In nature our water streams treat the wastewater, this happens as the water moves and thus in aerated, and thereby is provided with oxygen. The oxygen is used by the microorganisms, which lives on stones and plants in the stream. This enhances the conditions for the microbiology to break down the pollution which may be in the water.

The CBWTS also re-circulate to the pre-settlement tank at regular intervals in order to secure food for the bacteria through periods of i.e. vacation. By recirculation of cleaned sewage water to the pre-settlement tank we ensure nourishment for the bacteria from the material in the pre-settlement tank. By means of our patented process we also break down the poisonous H2S in the pre-settlement tank.

Our CBWTS offer a choice of different water categories some of which are:

ELITE Specification: (CEN 12566-3) BOD5 <10 mg/l, COD <75 mg/l, NZ4 <5 mg/l, SS <15mg/l, P <1,5 mg/l.
This clean water can be use outside the house, flush the toilets, water the garden, water the grass, without sprinklers, clean the patios and wash the cars.

EU Specification: (CEN 12566-3) BOD5 <25 mg/l, COD <125 mg/l, NZ₄ <20 mg/l, SS <35mg/l, P <1,5 mg/l.
This clean water can be use for irrigation, water the garden with hose or drops.

The CBWTS is certified and approved in accordance to the CEN norm for prefabricated wastewater systems CEN 12566-3. The production can be sold in all EU countries without further approval.