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Treatment Plants

“GAH Global” is a leading supplier of water and wastewater treatment solutions. We provide our clients with some of the industry’s brightest minds, advanced technologies, and quality products to provide you with truly efficient, cost-effective solutions to your water and wastewater challenges.
Our broad range of products and services is concentrated around industrial effluents pre-treatment, sewage-industrial effluents treatment, disinfection, instrumentation and filtration technologies, contract operating services, and advanced residential metering products and services. “GAH Global” can work with you to solve individual plant operations issues or provide entire water and wastewater collection systems with the full range of plant and system operation, maintenance and preventative maintenance, laboratory analytics, meter reading, and billing. GAH Global is one company with the breadth and diversity to address all your water and wastewater needs.
The company can construct complete “turnkey” plants for all types of industrial – municipal wastewater and water treatment
Based on your specifications, we can deliver free budgetary quotation including:
-Process flow diagram
-Mass balance
-General footprint
-Basic engineering data

All turnkey projects include

-As-build drawings/ 3-D drawings
-Piping isometrics (optional)
-Electrical drawings
-Installation supervision
-Plant supervision
-Maintenance contract
-Technical handbook
-Installation/ Operation/ Maintenance manual

Your projects are followed by “GAH Global” process engineers with relevant field experience all along project development.

View the Waste Water Treatment Presentation in Greek and English.