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2013 was the year the Tazzari Group became 50 years old, with a rich history of investment and diversification, specialising in top quality technology applications for automated machinery and aluminium foundries. The group’s consolidated operations are spread over 31,000 covered square meters and manned by over 300 employees.

The Tazzari Group is constantly expanding and today is made up of various companies, divided into 3 main groups: Automated Machinery, Foundries and Electric Vehicles. These ultra-modern divisions operate independently on the market, and have a proven track record as trustworthy partners to the largest national and international manufacturers. This continues to foster our significant growth as a group.

The automated machinery division operates under Tazzari GL S.p.A. and Tecno-Lam srl. Tazzari GL supplies highly engineered industrial automated machinery units. In their competitive field, they excel in engineering, design and quality assurance for many types of automated machines.

Tecno-Lam was incorporated and strengthened by the group. It furnishes fully produced goods from semi worked raw materials to the iron working and carpentry industries. Fomet S.p.A. and Shell Casting srl make up the foundry division. For years Fomet has been one of the foremost foundries in Europe for aluminium castings, thanks to their know how and modern technologies which are perfectly suited for their many diverse important national and international clients.

Shell Casting is the most modern foundry in the Tazzari group. It produces aluminium shell castings on many low pressure casting machines. Shell Casting srl also operates on the national and international markets delivering high tech quality products. EV is the latest part of the Group that develops, manufactures and sells the ”State of the Art” Urban Electric Vehicles.

Tazzari EV is on the market Worldwide with its range of products, since January 2010. All of the companies in the group are ISO 9001 certified.

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