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Company Profile

The Company’s activity comprises the design, construction and supply of equipment for private and public sector applications in the field of biogas, waste/wastewater treatment systems, energy recovery and various other industrial constructions.

Our range of products/ technologies are:

1. BioGas Plants
Agriculture waste
Cows/hogs/tshiken manure etc.

2. Wastewater Treatment – Recovery Plants
Industrial - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water Recovery Plants
Sludge Treatment

3. Water Treatment- recycling

Drinking water purification plants
Filtration systems
Softening - Desalination plants
Swimming pools construction
Removal of Fe & Mn

4. Equipment for Municipal & Industrial WWTPs
Variety of Screens
Grit / fat separation – compact unit
Sludge Thickeners – filter belt
Sludge Dewatering – filter belt press
Flotation units – DAF

5. Technology of Reusable Energy Sources
Biodiesel Production
Biogas Production
Wind Power Energy
Solar Power Energy

6. Industrial Process Installations - Engineering
Industrial and civil constructions
Construction and installation of equipment and pipe line systems
Boilers and pipe line systems for steam, oil, hot water applications
Installation of automatic control system, electronic instruments

7. Chemical Products
Chemicals for water – wastewater treatment
Chemicals for swimming pools
Chemicals for restoring lakes, seashores, harbours etc
Chemicals for improving the operation of existing WWTPs
Chemicals for disinfecting and reducing bad smell from wastes
Chemicals for water & soil restoration after oil pollution

8. Consultancy in Environmental & Industrial applications
Study – design for water and WWTPs
Study – design for photovoltaic systems, biogas – biodiesel production
Study – investigation for sea, lake, river monitoring
Study – design for industrial constructions
Water – wastewater quality measurement

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