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BioGas Systems

Modular design

When opting for a biogas system, the focus should be on the manufacturer's experience. Ultimately, it is not merely a question of economic profitability, but essentially also that of an optimal concept. Here Lipp GmbH already has over 30 years of experience and has continually developed the technology during that time. The Biogas systems from Lipp are based on a well-rounded systems concept with regard to consulting, development, production and assembly. With comprehensive know-how and the use of proven technologies, such as the Lipp Dual-Seam System, Verinox material and high-quality accessories, the highest possible level of quality is achieved with excellent efficiency. A Lipp biogas system is coordinated in line with local conditions in every regard, enabling complete systems or individual components (e.g. storage containers, fermenters, gas storage systems, etc.) to be supplied. The owner also has the option of providing their own services to lower the investment costs. Thanks to the use of additional modules (e.g. an upstream pasteurisation stage or advanced processing technologies before and/or after fermentation), there are virtually no limits to the diversity of fermentable substrates possible. Optimised measuring and control technology enables perfect monitoring and control of the system. Lipp was awarded the RAL seal of quality for the high-quality design of its biogas plant system.

Optimum operating safety

Sinking and floating layers are avoided with horizontal and vertical mixing. Prior to plant construction, coordination is carried out with the future plant owner in order to define the optimum stirring technique based on the respective substrate. Operational safety is ensured through the closed reaction room, external drive of the stirring mechanism and externally mounted electrical control systems.

Intelleigen Design

Variable dimensions and substrate-flexible stirring technology also allow the use of more problematic substrates. The wall heating system mounted on the outside of the fermenter wall provides for optimum fermenting conditions and a high gas yield.

Fast installation – lower costs

Low assembly costs are possible through the use of the Lipp Dual-Seam System technology and on-site production. The provision of the foundation slab and assistance during assembly reduce costs further.