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Agricultural Systems - Accessories


Whether grain silos, biogas systems or liquid manure containers, Lipp places the greatest importance on quality, safety, a long service life and cost efficiency in terms of its entire product portfolio - including accessories.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This is especially true for the container solutions and systems from Lipp, as here particular attention is paid to all parts with regard to quality, safety, longevity and cost efficiency.

A broad range of products is available for the technical equipping of all containers. These are partially produced at our own plant and are partially purchased via partners or carefully selected suppliers with whom Lipp maintains a long, trusting relationship.
These include:
  • Container roofs
  • Container bottoms
  • Container insulation
  • Pump and stirring technology
  • Overflow gutters
  • Steps, platforms and operating bridges
  • Platforms
  • Overpressure and underpressure protection devices
  • Piping construction

Whether made of steel, stainless steel or other materials, all parts are professionally mounted:
Solid, well thought-out finishing in every detail. Particular attention is paid to impermeability. Openings or passages can also easily be installed following extension or installation.