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Industry & Communities

With the increasingly more sensitive perception of environmental problems, the requirements grow for industry and municipalities to ensure proper, safe storage of problematical substances and liquids.

Increasingly strict conditions and their consistent implementation are part of this development.

Lipp offers solutions in tank and container construction according to customer requirements - as a compact solution or in the form of individual components.

With optimum efficiency, Lipp has met the most demanding quality and safety conditions when building containers and tanks for storing solid, liquid and gaseous substances for 50 years. Whether it is a question of solids or water, throughout the world, the processing industry places its trust in the products that Lipp provides for each and every task.

Unique technology: the Lipp Dual-Seam System not only enables the greatest possible safety and impermeability, but also the greatest possible flexibility.

Unique material: in Verinox, Lipp has succeeded in developing a material that enables a reduction in costs without a loss in quality.

Lipp is sure to have the right solution for any storage material.

From conception to planning to realisation efficient, safe and proven the world over.