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Key People

George Hadjicostas - CEO

Mr. George Hadjicostas, the founder of GAH Global, has an experience in most areas of business having been directly involved in sales, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, supply-chain and business development. 
Mr Hadjicostas's experiences help strengthen GAH supply chain partnerships and extensive manufacturing capabilities, helping the company to deliver a unique blend of high performance, cost competitive products to its customers quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world. He believes in team work and personal relations with all members involved at each stage of the project development. His philosophy is to positively influence each other and alert everyone's awareness to protect with all means possible globally our planet. "We are life, we are the creators, we are our planet" he says.


  • Entrepreneur

Andreas Hadjicostas – COO

Mr. Andreas Hadjicostas has a lifelong experience in programming, planing and realizing projects such as Waste Treatment plants in the domestic, industrial and agriculture sector. In BioGas Plants Mr. Andreas is devoted and his philosophy and his dream is to save Mother nature. "It is the obligation of every one of us to work hard and save Mother nature" he says.

Anastis Anastasiou – Business Development Manager

Anastis graduated with a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Portland State University. He also holds an MBA with a focus in Business Strategy and Leadership as well as a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Finance. He has experience in business strategy, marketing, advertising, market research, financial analysis and business development. He worked at HSBC as a Marketing Specialist where he was in charge of product development and market research. He later transitioned to Fiserv, a financial services solution provider, as a Business Strategist. He has also worked on advertising and marketing campaigns with organizations such as Donate Life America and Moroccan American Trade Investment Council. He developed sell-side analyst reports for the CFA Portfolio fund of Portland State University for companies in financial services (Umpqua Bank) and information technology (Google/Alphabet). He is currently the active Business Development Manager for GAH Global.

Dimitrios Bellos – Chemical Engineer

Mr Bellos is an experienced board level executive, bringing over twenty years experience from management, designing, construction, supervision, consulting etc. Having worked extensively within a various industrial applications, Mr Bellos brings a wealth of experience to “GAH Global” activities.
This experience coupled with his personal high background qualifications, built around effective service delivery, business process improvement, innovation and application of new technologies, enhancing further the “GAH Global”  executive team to high standard performance and success.
In parallel to above activities, Mr Bellos is teaching also in the Technological Institute of Pollution Prevention Control (TEI of West Macedonia - Greece) 
Overall, Mr Bellos has the following background qualifications:

  • B.Ed. in Education Teaching School
  • B.Sc. in Biology
  • M.Sc. in Biology / Ecology
  • M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Environmental Biology


Dimitris Pagidis - Civil Agriculture Engineer

Mr Pagidis is the key personnel of GAH Global with a broad experience on turn key projects of the company starting with civil work moving into technical construction and ending at the project startup. Upon project completion his activity remains with technical support directions and maintenance. Improvement and innovation is his philosophy in combination with protecting the environment. As an agriculture engineer and agronomist he also gives his touch in creating a natural harmony for each project to the surrounding natural environment.


Overall Mr Pagidis has the following certifications/qualifications:

  • Agronomist
  • MSc in Civil Engineering
  • MSc in Agricultural Engineering


Ioannis Tsiftelidis - Architect & Civil Engineer (TSIEF)

Mr Ioannis is an experienced manager in design and construction and a key member of our company.

  • B.Eng in Civil Engineering
  • MSc in Civil Engineering
  • MSc in Antiseismic Constructions


Sotiris Psimenos - Electrical Engineer (alteren)